Casemet Pärnu is specialised in the manufacturing of compact solutions and mechanical parts as a subcontractor for companies in the electronics and engineering industry.

Typical products manufactured include equipment casings and single mechanical parts, screening used on printing plates, front panels of equipment, metal components and connection cables of ultra-thin material.

We offer our customers cooperation and assistance from developing single test copies to volumes needed for serial production. In order to fulfil our customers’ needs, we have continuously invested in training our personnel and updating our equipment.

In accordance with our customers’ wishes, we offer them single components, assembled units or completely assembled and tested equipment. As we have an extensive cooperation network, we can offer various different surface treatments, printing-technical solutions, laser engraving, electronic units and other products related to our profile. The materials and technologies we use correspond to the requirements of the RoHS Directive.

As a part of the modern production process, we understand the needs of our customers and therefore order management, supply security and product quality are our highest priorities.

We manufacture products both by our customers’ drawings and using our own design facilities.

Today’s EMC screening requirements create higher requirements also in regards to mechanics. The mechanical devices installed on the printing plate is due to limited dimensions often complicated requires extreme precision. Furthermore, components used in one device are often procured from different places and have to be made exactly to the drawings in order to ensure compatibility.

Complexity, precision and quality are the areas, where Casemet excels and we are able to offer all of it at reasonable prices.

We have at our disposal modern and comprehensive machinery and equipment as well as fully trained and committed personnel.

As we are already manufacturing products with a high level of complexity and non-standard solutions, we have acquired numerous special tools and matrices.

The thickness of the processed material is from 0.05mm to 3 mm. Materials we process include galvanised steel, aluminium, brass and various grades of copper and stainless steel. As per our customers’ wishes, we only use materials corresponding to the RoHS requirements.

Our Mission

A mission of Larmek OÜ is manufacture high quality sheet metal products for demanding applications. Larmek OÜ is specified to offer its services and products on field of electronics industry, telecommunication, data transfer and for other customers having requirements of high accuracy sheet metal components. 

Operation of Larmek OÜ has to be profitable and has to give reasonable yield for the investments made.

Long term customer satisfaction together with profitable operation will enable continues improvement of the company thus ensuring economily safe and steady future for the personel of Larmek OÜ. 

Our Goals

The management of Larmek OÜ has set goals for the realisation of the quality policy and compiled a plan for achieving them. Following the goals and adhering to the action plan help continuously improve in the management system.

Continuous improvement will be monitored thru internal and external audits, thru regular management review.

For Larmek OÜ is important to follow local and EU legislation, customer and standardizised requirements. 

Larmek OÜ produce a product suitable for the customer and deliver it according to their wishes.  

Larmek OÜ order raw materials and delivery from reliable and long-term cooperation partners that guarantee our security of provision.  

Employees of the Larmek OÜ are trained and informed about the goals of the company.

Each employee is responsible to execute his/her operation in a way it meets required technical workorder and product can be accepted to the next step in the manufacturing process.  


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80041 Pärnu