• Strong
    as steel

  • Strong
    as steel

Finnish expertise
and know-how.
Flexible and reliable.

Our main products are metallic enclosing solutions and subcontract manufacturing of electro mechanic assemblies and sheet steel products and solutions.
Our way of working is based on value we give through flexible and customer oriented service, reliable and high quality manufacturing and superior product quality.

FCA Mikkeli/Finland (Incoterms 2010)

The certified products (Cubo E- EO and F-ranges) manufactured by Casemet Oy, fulfil requirements of standard EN 62208:2011.



17 Sep

Casemet has launched a new Cubo OC cabinet

The Cubo Outdoor Cabinet enclosure solution is ideally suited for protecting electrical and hydraulic assemblies in demanding conditions. Cubo OC has been specially developed for outdoor use, such as rail or road transport. Read more