The wide range of machinary of our factories enables versatile and demanding metal processing. Our production is focused on the manufacture of metal enclosures and the contract manufacturing of sheet metal structures and electromechanical assemblies. Our production includes demanding sheet metal structures, electromechanical assemblies and high-precision mechanical parts.
We also manufacture prototypes with customer´s requirements before starting up production series. With this service, our customers will get a lookalike that allows them to evaluate the suitability, quality and functionality of the solution.


  • Sheet metal cutting
    • Laser cutting, punching
  • Sheet metal bending
    • Bending robots, automatic and manual bending
  • Welding
    • Robotic and manual welding
    • TIG, MIG, powder plasma, bolt welding, spot welding
  • Finishing / Painting
    • Grinding, polishing, cleaning
    • Power painting
  • Screen printing
  • Gasketing
    • Silicone and polyurethan 
  • Assembly
    • Mechanical and electromechanical assembly
    • Testing

Check out Casemet's production and manufacturing methods with the following videos: