Our wide product offering includes steel enclosures and spare parts. Our solutions are designed for harsh and demanding industrial environments to meet the requirements of protection and extreme endurance.  

We offer high-quality standard enclosures as well as customized and tailor-made enclosing solutions. Our customer oriented service includes both customizing standard enclosures and customer & project spesific enclosing solutions. In addition we offer tailormaking services containing 3rd party component outsourcing.   


  • High IP-class (IP66, IP55 double-door)
  • All work stages in-house (cutting, bending, welding, pretreatment, painting, gasketing, final assembly)
  • Gasketing and painting options 
  • Cost savings thru customization and tailor making 
  • Customer specific packing sizes and manufacturing batch sizes
  • Different material options
  • Quick and reliable deliveries
  • Long lifetime products and superior quality

CASEMET CUBO OC CABINET for demanding conditions

The Cubo Outdoor Cabinet enclosure solution is ideally suited for protecting electrical and hydraulic assemblies in demanding conditions. Cubo OC has been specially developed for outdoor use, such as rail or road-side transport.

The two-door cabinet is available with ratings IP55 and IK10, in sizes 1200x1000x500 - 1800x1800x600. The single-door cabinet is available with ratings IP65 and IK10, in sizes 600x1000x400 - 1000x1800x600. The materials in the Cubo OC cabinets are 3 mm aluminum or 2 mm stainless steel, galvanized steel or acid-resistant steel. The cabinets have a silicone seal, locking rods and stainless-steel hinges.

Customized solutions available as well.