Casemet Oy acquires the business activities of Larmek Oy in Finland and Casemet Oü acquires the business activities of Larmek Oü in Estonia.

Casemet Oy and Larmek Oy have signed an agreement on 27.3.2018 according to which Larmek Oy sells its business activities at Riihimäki to Casemet Oy, starting from 1.4.2018.

Casemet Oü and Larmek Oü have signed an agreement on 27.3.2018 according to which Larmek Oü sells its business activities at Pärnu to Casemet Oü, starting from 1.4.2018.

Business acquisitions are taking effect on 1.4.2018 when the ownership will be transferred. Casemet will continue and further develop the collaboration together with all Larmek’s customers and partners.

The strategic goal of Casemet is to grow and focus on the enclosure business, together with manufacturing electromechanical and sheet-metal structures. Buying the business of Larmek will strengthen the know-how in newest production technologies of sheet-metal products, tool manufacturing, assembly production, and supports the growth of the company.

The personnel of Larmek in Riihimäki and Pärnu will be transferred to Casemet on 1.4.2018 as old employees.

Casemet in short

Casemet Oy is a family business that was established on February 2, 2016, to continue the over 40-year old manufacturing activity of metal enclosures and sheet-metal structures in Mikkeli. The company’s turnover consists of the sales, developing and manufacturing of metal enclosures and the company also acts as a contract manufacturer of electro-mechanical and sheet-metal structures. Casemet aims to improve its market position and to enlarge further its existing customer base. Casemet is also actively seeking further growth from international markets.

After the business acquisition Casemet’s expected turnover for 2018 will be 21 million euros. Casemet will have approximately 210 employees, 160 employees will be located in Mikkeli, 20 employees in Riihimäki, and 30 in Pärnu. Jukka Kokkonen continues as the Managing Director.  Casemet is also a significant employer to many small-size companies through subcontracting.

  • Published 28.03.2018

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