New experts with RekryKoulutus

A joint RekryKoulutus was launched at Casemet´s Mikkeli plant in March by Casemet, Etelä-Savo Vocational College and TE-Services. Participants in the training will graduate to assembly's tasks during the current spring.  The training includes both on-the-job learning and  lecture-type learning.  Almost all teaching takes place at Casemet's premises.  The studies include the basics of electrical engineering in the manufacture of electrical switchboards and equipment, wiring and connection exercises, the ability to read electrical drawings and the completion of card training required for the job. At Casemet, students have been able to do a wide range of assembly tasks with electrical switchboards and ventilation machines.

"The training has progressed really well and we have got us a great group here! All in all, this has been a very positive thing, thanks to which we will soon have new skilled experts in the house." sums up Karo Häkkinen, Factory Manager at Casemet Mikkeli, when asked for his thoughts on RekryKoulutus.

For some students, the field has been completely new, some of them have already gained some experience in electromechanical assembly.  However, all students are on the same page with the matter that studying has made the time fly.  “It’s been really interesting and nice to learn something new every day! That's why time has definitely passed really fast! ” says all the students of RekryKoulutus.  The time has indeed gone quickly, as at the end of May and the graduation for electromechanical work is just around the corner.

Jerry Halonen, student at RekryKoulutus, is wiring the electrical switchboard.

Photo: Jerry Halonen, student at RekryKoulutus, is wiring the electrical switchboard.

  • Published 11.05.2022

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