Changes in the past year will bring continuity and new development projects to Casemet Group

Both owner-families of Casemet Group have undergone a partial generational change during the past spring and summer, when Sanna Vihersalo and Aki Hyyryläinen moved into ownership positions in the company. Both have several years behind them in responsible positions at Casemet. Sanna Vihersalo has been the plant manager in Pärnu and was responsible for Pärnu's day-to-day operations and process development. As of August 1, 2021, Sanna is responsible for the operational management of the entire Casemet Group. Aki Hyyryläinen has worked as Casemet's product developer and designer, in addition to which Aki will be responsible for developing Casemet´s digitalisation in the future.

Both new entrepreneurs have a strong belief in the future in terms of growth, development and day-to-day operations. The ownership position will appear as an additional responsibility, but it does not mean lifting on a stand. Both emphasize the fact, that they want to be present to all employees and co-workers.

Sanna and Aki see the development of digitalisation, enabling growth, offering long-term careers and building cooperation within the entire Group as future goals.

Sanna sums up the thought, which they both agree: "It's great to be a part of Casemet's growth story."

Photo: Both new entrepreneurs, Aki Hyyryläinen and Sanna Vihersalo have strong faith in the future in terms of growth, development and day-to-day operations.

  • Published 23.06.2021

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